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The reasons for that are not clear. Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported the weeklong trip was cancelled because Beijing was offended by Australia signing a letter to Chinese Minister for Public Security Guo Shengkun that questions Chinas treatment of human rights lawyers. Damien Kingsbury, a Deakin University expert on international politics, described the cancellation as a fairly blunt message and agreed that the human rights letter was the most likely trigger. The controversy comes during tense diplomatic times in the Sino-Australian relationship. Premier Li Keqiang visited Canberra last month and asked the government to ratify an extradition treaty so that Chinese fugitives from Chinas anti-corruption campaign could no longer use Australia as a safe haven. The treaty was shelved a week later because it was doomed to be blocked in the Senate over human rights concerns. Australian law enforcement authorities fear the diplomatic setback could damage cooperation with their Chinese counterparts on stopping illicit Chinese drugs such as methamphetamine from reaching Australia. Justice Minister Michael Keenan on Wednesday praised Australias cooperation with Chinas National Narcotics doctor home mortgage loan Oak Laurel Control Bureau, which he said had stopped 7.5 metric tons (8.3 U.S. tons) of drugs from reaching Australian streets. Kelly said his trip could not have been affected by the treaty dispute because he was told of the cancellation around the time Keqiang landed in Australia.

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